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Clay Pigeon Shooting Ireland - Experience the thrill of shooting live ammunition!

Clay Shooting

Whether your a seasoned pro or a complete novice, the experience of shooting flying clays will certainly get your heart pounding and leave you yearning to get out there again and again.

The sport involves using a shotgun to shoot circular targets being vertically launched from a trap.

Target sports such as clay shooting and archery in Ireland will fine tune your reflexes and improve your hand-eye timing and accuracy.

It’s an all year round activity that’s suitable for individuals or group outings. Share the challenge, exhilaration and fun without a dead pigeon in sight.

Your outdoor pursuit will begin with thorough instruction on the safety aspects and techniques. It's essential that you wear the ear protection throughout the clay pigeon shooting games.

Depending on your experience, clays are launched as either singles or doubles at an average speed of 40mph.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting in Ireland

The rural settings of Clay Pigeon Shooting in Ireland delivers a great mix of both adrenaline and serenity.

Grip the gun firmly into your shoulder, flick the safety off and place your finger on the trigger awaiting the clays to be launched. Shout "Pull", take aim and blast those clays to smithereens.

Try a shotgun shooting experience that's sure to get you hooked!

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