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Caving Ireland - Explore a Unique World!

Do you have the desire to investigate a mysterious and fascinating environment?

Caving also known as potholing is the activity of exploring wild cave systems that have being formed by the dissolution of limestone over thousands of years.

Experience a truly extreme activity that will have you abseiling, climbing, crawling and navigating underground water systems.

Your caving adventure will begin with a thorough safety briefing before getting kitted out into a heavy waterproof suit, boots, helmet and a headlamp.

Now it’s time to leave daylight behind as you make your way into a subterranean world under the guidance of highly experienced instructors.

Depending on the cave, an abseil down a shaft is sometimes required to reach the hidden ecosystem.

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Moving through the caverns, your guide will explain how nature has formed the many incredible sights.

From unground rivers and waterfalls to stalactites and stalagmites, you will be astounded at the geology beneath our feet.

For your next outdoor quest, experience an exhilarating caving in Ireland adventure!

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