Canoeing Ireland, Canoe Ireland, Canadian Canoeing

Canoeing - Explore Ireland's stunning waterways!

Canoeing Ireland

Would you relish the pleasure of drifting serenely down one of Ireland’s many water systems?

Similiar to rafting in Ireland, Canadian Canoeing involves paddling a small boat using single-bladed paddles to push and guide the vessel through the water.

Canoes vary in size and can accommodate from 2 to 6 people working together throughout the adventure.

For those of you looking for a solo challenge, check out river kayaking.

Canoe Ireland and create unforgettable moments paddling down a slow scenic river whilst embracing the spectacular scenery and wildlife along the way.

As well as providing buckets of fun, canoeing develops the upper body and burns over 200 calories per hour.

Ireland is a paddlers paradise and unlike many tedious fitness programs, it's certainly a pastime that you will look forward to.

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Canadian Canoeing

Dotted with hundreds of river systems, we are home to an everlasting supply of explorations.

Canoeing in Ireland has something to offer for every taste, age and ability.

Choose a peaceful meditative river or take on some of the more turbulent systems.

It’s the picture perfect way to travel… A true eco-adventure!

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