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Bushcraft Ireland - Surviving the Wilderness!

Bushcraft Ireland

Learn the ancient skills required to live with Mother Nature.

A Bushcraft in Ireland experience will open your eyes to nature’s secrets and inspire a much deeper appreciation for our natural environment.

Whether it’s a friendly or extreme ecosystem, instructors will introduce you to the 4 basic principles of survival skills.

Shelter: Acquire the knowledge to take on the elements and build a hut using the natural resources at your fingertips.

Food: Forage for wild edibles and hunt for meat using primitive tracking techniques, fishing hooks and traps.

Fire: Learn the different formations and how to get a blazing fire within minutes.

Bushcraft Courses

Water: Source the best water supply and put it through the purification process.

Advanced Bushcraft courses will teach you how to make tools for hand carving and hunting, using plants for medicine and how to use natural navigation methods to find your bearings.

Get in touch with nature and take on a highly rewarding Bushcraft experience in the great outdoors!

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