Buggy Racing Ireland, Off Road Buggy, Rage Buggy

Buggy Racing Ireland - Nerve tingling sensational fun!

Buggy Racing

Fancy yourself to be pretty nifty behind the wheel?

Do things with a vehicle that you never thought were possible and push the four wheel drive to the limit as you negotiate muddy slopes and career into ditches whilst manoeuvring the off road buggy around the track.

For those of you who have experienced buggy racing, quad biking in Ireland delivers a new 4x4 encounter that will test even the most experienced of drivers.

Have you got the speed, skill, accuracy and courage to drive these highly agile machines with confidence?

Buggy racing in Ireland is one of the most unique driving experiences you can take on with buggies kitted out with robust suspension and sequential gearshift built for mayhem.

Once you get the feel of how the rage buggy handles, you won’t want to stop this heart racing competitive challenge.

You will be fully instructed on the day and all off road buggies are fitted with a safety harness and anti roll cage bars to ensure your safety.

Buggy Racing Driving Experience

Master driving sideways, oversteer and understeer techniques.

You will be tackling extreme terrains full of bumps, twists, jumps and turns as well as trying to overtake your opponents at speed.

Don’t underestimate the power of these awesome dune buggies.

A breathtaking driving experience no matter what the occasion, whether it's an adventurous day out or you're looking for Stag or Hen ideas!

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