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Bubble Soccer Ireland - Hilarious Zorb Football FUN!

Bubble Soccer Ireland

Developed in Denmark, Bubble Soccer has to be the most hilarious version of the world's most popular sport.

Also known as Zorb Football, it’s like bumper cars with humans and a football thrown into the mix.

Try to run, walk, pass, bounce, flip and roll around the pitch inside a human size hamster sphere.

Anyone can play even if you don’t like football, it won’t matter – Lots of fun is guaranteed!

Imagine running around with a giant bubble around you kicking a ball and bouncing off your opponents with the newest craze to hit Irish shores.

You try to go for goal but the defender can’t let that happen and their tackle sends you bouncing off the ground in the comfort of your bubble.

A Bubble Soccer Ireland experience is a superb activity for clubs, team building events, stag and hens parties or any bunch of people who want to have some fun.

Bubble Soccer
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Bubbleball is an easy activity which requires no training, just a briefing beforehand and you’re up and bouncing!

This game can be played on any open grass area, astroturf or indoor sports halls. Try keep score if you can stop yourself laughing.

Round up your friends and get ready to take on a unique Zorb Football challenge!

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