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Blokarting - Rapidly growing sailing sensation!


Catch the wind in your sail and power across the bay at speed.

Land yachting is the activity of powering a 3 wheeled kart using the wind and a sail. A bloKart differs from a land yacht with the steering wheel directed by hand instead of by foot.

Similar to dinghy sailing, the greater your knowledge of how to utilise the wind in your sail, the more you can do when you sit into the blokart.

Whether you’re a diehard competitor or an adventurer seeking a new quest, Blokarting is accessible to all ages and abilities. You’ll soon find the wind conditions that suit you best.

Karts are small, stable and the extreme manoeuvrability offers an outstanding performance.

They can be used almost anywhere there’s wind blowing but for best results a gusty beach when the tides out is perfect.

Experience Gifts
Land Yacht

BloKarts fold down into a custom made suitcase which easily fits in the boot of your car.

After some guidance in low to moderate winds, you’ll be propelling along the beach in no time.

Climb in, strap up, lie back and enjoy…. Its serious fun!

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