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Assault Course - The ultimate endurance challenge!

Loughcrew Adventure Assault Course

If getting soaking wet and covered in muck sounds like fun, you might be on the look-out for an Assault couse challenge?

Assault Courses throughout Ireland are designed to test physical fitness through participation as a team or individual.

Experience extreme Ireland and military style training at its best!

The Assault Course will have you running, crawling, jumping, climbing, balancing and swinging during this cross country exercise that will test almost every muscle in your body.

They offer the ideal team building activity incorporating communication, trust and empathy.

Encouragement as well as some physical support are usually required to get all team members over the line. The better you work as a team, the faster your overall time.

Obstacle Courses Ireland

Throughout the obstacle course, you will be faced with adrenaline fuelled obstacles such as water crossings, slippery banks, tunnels, steep hills, rope swings, high walls, mud slides, tyres, balancing beams, zip lines and nets.

Increase your strength, agility, speed and co-ordination with an intense cardio session.

Find your limits..... Then break them!

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