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Airsoft Ireland - Intense military simulation!

Airsoft Ireland

Do you have the desire to lead your platoon into one of the most realistic forms of military combat?

Experience airsoft in Ireland and gun down your enemy with replicated firearms that shoot plastic BB pellets travelling at a staggering speed of 100 metres per second.

To ensure your safety, full face masks and protective clothing are worn at all times during combat.

Airsoft Games are sure to provide an intense encounter.

Imagine crawling through the undergrowth approaching your enemy’s base with their eagle eyes scanning for any signs of life.

You come within 20 feet of your opponents and hold your breath as you reach for your rifle. Dare not make a sound or it’s all over.

You can smell the dirt as you insanely hug the ground, awaiting your chance to take aim. As they start chatting, you sit up and place your finger on the trigger before gently squeezing 2 shots into your targets.

Enemy down.... You’ve done it!

Airsoft War Games
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To come out victorious, your team must devise cunning plans, use stealth and surprise to ensure you’re ready for when things kick off on the battlefield.

Airsoft war games deliver the perfect mix of adrenaline, strategy and brute force.

Get out there and take on a challenging mission that’s guaranteed to get the blood pumping!

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