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Welcome to the most electrifying airsoft arena in Dublin!

With 2 venues to choose from, the woodland setting's in Dublin and Meath never fail to provide the ultimate airsoft experience every-time!

There is a huge selection of battlefield scenarios to choose from:

Army of 2: Teams of two must track and shoot all other teams but there's a catch, the two players must stay within 6ft of each other.

Mortar Attach: Two teams are pitted against each other and have to capture each other’s mortars for there to be a true victory.

Defuse the Bomb: Your bomb defuser must defuse the bomb and hold it for as long as possible. This is a timed game and the team that holds the bomb for the longest wins.

For the ultimate Dublin stag, team building event or group outing, come and experience the thrill of a lifetime with airsoft warfare!

DEITG I.T Generalists