Airplane Flying Experience

Airplane Flying Experience

Now is the time to get up in the air and take control, this is an unbelievable experience and after only a short brief you can personally fly a plane.

For this exhilarating opportunity, get a flying lesson in Ireland which can have varying lengths of flight time. The experience is structured to accommodate you bringing some friends or family members to the airfield so as that they can watch you take off and land, getting some fantastic photos of your experience flying a plane.

You will receive a flight certificate on completion so you can remember this totally unique experience for years to come.

Flying Lessons in Ireland

For a more leisurely flying encounter, why not take to the skies with a scenic airplane flight. You don’t get control of the aircraft but you do get unadulterated views of the beautiful landscapes below. You may be lucky enough to fly over your own house or take in some areas which hold fond memories for you.

As part of this scenic tour you can take in some of the most popular sights in Ireland from a completely different perspective, enjoy Newgrange, the Hill of Tara or Bray head to name but a few.

With the scenic airplane tours you can be joined by up to two of your friends or family to help you make the most of the occasion and with a range of aircraft available, this will be a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Do something that you always said you’d do!

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