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Abseiling Ireland - The perfect high!

Abseiling Ireland

Do you have what it takes to step over the edge of a vertical rock-face?

Abseiling also known as rappelling is the technique used to describe the controlled descent down a rock face or cliff using rope and specialist equipment.

Ireland's jagged coastline offers superb mental and physical challenges in both abseiling and rock climbing.

If you're yearing for a taster session, instructors will go through the techniques and safety measures, then all you need is the willingness to give it a go.

A descender is used to control your pace of descent and to ensure your safety, there is an additional rope controlled by the instructor. Once attached to the harness and rope, you go over the edge and down in a controlled freefall.

For those of you wishing to progress, Abseiling courses are usually combined with rock climbing and will vastly enhance your agility, balance, co-ordination and strength.

Abseiling is one of many adventure sports that delivers terrific results for team building. The team will face a new outdoor challenge and share a truly breathtaking experience.


Abseiling Ireland

The best locations often provide stunning scenery. Imagine moving out over a cliffs edge with the great blue expanse of the ocean stretching far beyond and descending safely to the below shoreline!

There are some excellent indoor venues and abseiling walls you may wish to overcome before taking on the cliff top challenges.

For your next outdoor adventure, enjoy the thrill of conquering vertical space!

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